Connecting the world’s best athletes, brands and fans

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For modern athletes, the game doesn’t stop with the final whistle.

At Axon, we source, connect and manage authentic partnerships between athletes with stories people love, and brands looking to enhance their presence and reputation in the digital sphere.

axon /ˈakson/
The long thread like part of a nerve cell along which impulses are conducted from the cell body to other cells.

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We negotiate partnerships between athletes and brands that deliver measurable value for both parties. We also streamline the creative and logistical processes, working closely with our athletes to ensure they connect on a meaningful level with their fans, without compromising focus on their athletic endeavours.

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We work with athletes to understand their values, what’s important to them, and the personal brand they want to build and convey to their followers.

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Based on that understanding, we approach brands whose purpose and values we believe hold a strong mutual alignment. We liaise with the brand, our athlete, and their agent to secure the most mutually beneficial endorsement, whilst considering the sporting code sponsors and regulatory requirements.

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So who do we partner with? Not just any old brand.

First of all, we get to know our athletes and who they really are, what matters to them and what they stand for. We then seek out partnerships with brands that speak to our clients’ values, while ensuring an authentic collaboration, and a profitable sponsorship arrangement.

The Process


Athlete Deep-Dive

Who is the person behind the athlete? What do they care about? What do they believe? What do they want their time in the spotlight to really mean? We set out to discover the person behind the persona before we begin our matchmaking process.


Brand Sourcing

Axon works with a consistently growing roster of future-facing brands looking to be front-of-mind with digitally native audiences as we continue to explore the possibilities of a Web 3.0 world. We collaborate to create campaign mechanics and narratives that are both authentic for the athlete, and also deliver meaningful outcomes for the brand.


Content Execution

Our athletes' sporting endeavours are their main priority, however any brand partnership we commit to needs to have a level of quality, commitment and outcomes. Axon plays a key role in ensuring this is delivered. We plan and curate the perfect content that feels like a true expression of our athletes while satisfying the collaborating brand’s objectives. We work closely with our athletes to create, design, quality-check, schedule, post, and moderate all content released via their digital channels. We regularly provide transparency with our brands by providing detailed analytics and recommendations on how we further optimise the campaign.

The Team

Axon is the brainchild of a diverse cross-section of industry leaders in sports, digital marketing and social media. We’re creators, designers, planners, thinkers, negotiators, relationship builders and sports lovers.

Andrew Moroney

Team Member

Andrew Moroney

General Manager

Yana Fergus

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Yana Fergus

Partnership Strategist

Matthew Poole

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Matthew Poole

Brands Partnership Lead

Alon Abraham

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Alon Abraham

Co-Founder / Advisor